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  • 2 Provide a sample, and return by Freepost.
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Better2Know Home Testing Explained

Better2Know’s Home Testing service is fast and confidential. It brings you the same excellent diagnostic service, backed by our 24/7 patient services team. All your tests will be performed quickly and confidentially. All your personal details are kept securely and your name and address are not sent to our CPA Accredited Laboratory. We will email you when all your results are ready, and you can log on to check them.

If you do test positive, we can arrange a doctor's consultation for you in person or over the phone to discuss your treatment and next steps.

  • 100% Confidential
  • All tests Certified
  • CPA Accredited Lab
  • Discreet Billing
  • Return Postage Included
  • Results Online – Secure Login
  • Same-Day Dispatch
  • Quick and Reliable Results
  • Discreet Packaging

Better2Know: Meeting Your STI Testing Needs

Better2Know is the UKs largest private provider of Sexual Health testing services. We have a home sample collection service, and a UK wide STI testing service in our network of clinics. Whichever of our services you choose, your results will be delivered to you fast and with totally confidentially.

We help thousands of people get tested every year for STIs and other health concerns and diagnostic tests.

We have a wide range of STIs tests and screens as well as general health checks to choose from. All our tests have fast results, a great patient service and total confidentiality. Better2Know has an experienced medical team who can advise you on any aspect of your sexual health. If you are worried about your results, then you can speak to one of our doctors over the phone or at our clinics. They will give you specialist advice when you have your results.

Our team can also help you with a prescription/ referral or can send you any medication that you might need in a plain package in the post. Our medical team have carefully thought through the combinations of STI tests in our home sample collection screens so that you can rest assured you are having a selection of tests that has been medically thought through.

All of our tests are CE marked and your home sample will be tested in an accredited laboratory, so you can be assured of accurate results. Look for the CE mark and accreditation when buying your home sample collection STD test.