A recent survey of 5,ooo Britons by the National AIDS Trust (NAT), has shown that people in the UK are not up to date with HIV medication, and the law as it applies to positive people.

20% of people think that people who are HIV positive can only live around ten years.  This is FALSE as long as you follow your medication plan you can expect to live a normal length of life (which only 16% of people knew)

Only 5% know it is almost impossible to pass the virus on if you are HIV positive and your viral load is undetectable.

People with HIV can work (as only 2 out of 3 know) as chefs and nursery school teachers.  The only job people with HIV cannot do is the same as anyone who has to take medication every day: which is front line service for any of  the Armed Forces.  Dentists, surgeons and midwives can practice if they are HIV positive providing they monitor their condition and their viral load is undetectable, they do have to declare their status to their employer.

Over a quarter of people incorrectly thought you would be breaking the law if you were HIV positive and did not tell your GP, dentist, employer or your partner.

NAT Chief Executive Deborah Jack said “The situation for someone who is diagnosed with HIV today is a world away from that faced by someone who was diagnosed when the virus was first discovered 30 years ago.  However people’s understanding hasn’t kept pace with medical advances”

Better2Know believes that testing early, and regularly is the best way to help to prevent the spread of the virus.  Then if you do test positive you can get the treatment you need to prevent you spreading the virus to you next partner.  1 in 4 people with HIV in the UK do not know that they have the virus.  The only way to know if you are one of them is to get tested.


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