A recent study by the BMJ has found that there should be a more open discussion about anal sex for both men and women. The study found that young people, especially women, find anal sex painful and pressured into having it, and then not knowing who to talk to about it.

The survey said that some young men were “neglecting or not caring about young women’s consent or pleasure – both when they have anal sex and when they talk about it with their friends.” according to an article on the BMJ Website. The survey spoke to 130 16-18 year olds across the UK.  Of course, the findings do not apply to everyone with some people from both sexes reporting that consent and pleasure were derived from anal sex. Often it is reported that men copy what they have seen in porn films and assuming that if women have enjoyed it in porn, they will enjoy it in real life.

There are concerns that anal sex is not widely discussed in sex education and in Government health policies.

Better2Know can help with concerns that you may have about your sexual health. The lining of the anus is thinner than that of the vagina, and so small tears are more likely if you are not relaxed, making it more likely that an STI can be transmitted from one party to the other. We can help with special STI screens for MSM and women who have anal sex.  We will get your results quickly and help you to get the treatment that you need.

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