With our new Better2Know Everywhere Service, We Come2You…

Already proving popular with you, our new service launched this week means that you can now get an STI test with Better2Know Everywhere.  There should be one of those little *’s by Everywhere – so let’s explain.  Everywhere is a private, discreet place where our nurse can take a blood sample, with somewhere to wash their hands and where you can provide a urine sample.  This can be your home, a friend or relative’s home, your office, a hotel…..  All you need to do is have the post code of where you want to go ready when you book.

Everywhere is available all over Great Britain. We will give you a two hour window when your nurse will be at your choice of location.

Our nurses can do all the Better2Know STI tests which need a blood and/ or urine sample as well as throat swabs. They will take your samples and send them to our accredited laboratory for fast analysis.  We will then call, text or email you (just let us know which you would prefer when you book) with your results.  We will help you to get the treatment or referral you need if you test positive.

To book, simply call our friendly booking team who will be delighted to help you.

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