Better2Know has launched its home sample collection sample for STD testing in Ireland.  This service provides the same service in the Republic of Ireland as we provide to thousands of UK patients every year who would prefer to have their STD testing done without having to visit a clinic.

This service can currently test for seven STDs by urine, so if you choose to buy from us, we will send you a small urine collection kit (or a pot to piss in), which you need to provide a small sample in (preferably the first one of the day), and send it back to our laboratory in the provided prepaid envelope (we have one in London and one in Dublin).  Then you will get your results back from just 2 days (chlamydia and gonorrhoea) to 5 days (herpes or a full screen).

When your results are ready, we send you an email, and you just log on to our website to get your results.

If you test negative: that’s great – you should get retested every few months depending on how often you have unprotected sex – but remember it only take once!

If you test positive – don’t worry we are here to help, we help a lot of people who test positive and we can help you go to one of our doctors for a prescription or you can take your results to your own GP for treatment.

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