This year, Cervical Cancer Prevention Week runs from Sunday 19 January to Saturday 25 January 2014.

The week is a European wide initiative lead by European Cervical Cancer Association (ECCA).  The aim of the week is to raise awareness of anything and everything to do with cervical caner, including information about symptoms and causes of the disease, ways to prevent it and support organisations who are helping to research the cancer and support women with the disease.

Cervical Cancer Statistics:

  • Around 3,000 women every year are diagnosed with Cervical Cancer in the UK.
  • 2 out of 3 of those diagnosed with cervical cancer will live to at least five years after their diagnosis, the rate is lower in women aged over 50.
  • 60% of women diagnosed with Cervical Cancer are under 50.
  • It is the twelfth most common cancer in the UK , and the third highest gynecological cancer (After womb and ovarian)
  • It is the most common cancer in women aged under 35 in the UK
  • 20% of women aged over 25 do not have a regular cervical smear
  • The main risk factor is an HPV viral infection, but other factors such as smoking and having HIV or another STI can also increase your risk

Better2Know can help you to get a PAP Smear and an HPV test.  The HPV test can tell you whether you have 20 High and Low risk strains of HPV, and the PAP Smear examines cells from your cervix to see if there are any abnormalities which could be cancerous.  You should wait at least three months after a PAP Smear before having another one or an HPV test.  Both tests need a sample of cells from your cervix.

Please follow the links to find out more about getting tested, or phone our booking team to make your appointment.  We will get you results five days from when your sample is received by our laboratory,

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