2017’s Cervical Cancer Prevention Week is from 22 to 28 January.  This week raises awareness of cervical cancer, and the importance of prevention through regular testing.  A Pap Smear takes a sample of cells from the cervix.  They are examined to see if they contain and cancerous or pre-cancerous cells.  Depending on your age, women are asked to attend every 3 or 5 years for a smear test.  To raise awareness join the Better2Know team in #SmearforSmear.

Photo of Better2Know staff supporting CCPW and the #SmearForSmear campaign

Cervical Cancer is often (but not always) caused by the Human Papilloma (HPV) virus.  There are over 100 types of the HPV virus, around 40 of these can be sexually transmitted.  Of these, 14 are High Risk for Cancer.  HPV also causes genital warts, which is a Low Risk HPV type, and so far, has not been linked to an increased risk of cervical cancer.  High Risk HPVs cause around 75% of cervical cancers.  They are also linked to an increase risk of other cancers in men and women including: ovarian, penile, mouth and oral cancers.

The recommended test is to have an HPV test as well as a PAP Smear.  These tests can be done on the same sample (so only one collection is needed).  This will tell you whether you have an HPV (high or low risk) and whether you have any unusual cells.

Every day in the UK, nine women are diagnosed with cervical cancer. It is the most common cancer for women aged 35.  Three women die from the disease every day in the UK.

Better2Know is supporting Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust to help raise awareness of Cervical Cancer, this week ,and throughout the year.  To book your test, please call the booking team today.

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