Mycoplasma could soon become a ‘superbug’ unless people become more vigilant about their sexual health, experts are warning. Though Mycoplasma is a curable infection, it often shows little or no symptoms and can sometimes be overlooked. If left untreated, Mycoplasma can lead to more serious health complications such as pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), which can cause infertility. ‘Mycoplasma Genitalium (MG) can be missed and if it is not treated correctly, it can develop resistance to antibiotics.’

The British Association of Sexual Health and HIV have released a set of guidelines in response to the increasing prevalence of this particular sexually transmitted infection. Paddy Horner, who co-wrote the guidelines, stated that those experiencing symptoms should be “correctly diagnosed using an accurate MG test, treated correctly, then followed up to make sure they are cured.” Better2Know is the UK’s leading provider of private STI testing services. We offer a variety of confidential and highly accurate testing options for Mycoplasma.


Mycoplasma Symptoms

As outlined above, Mycoplasma can trigger few to no symptoms in the infected individual, especially in the initial stages. If symptoms are present, they can include unusual discharge or pain when urinating. Women can experience genital discomfort such as vaginal itching, or painful intercourse. Men, meanwhile, could suffer from an inflamed urethra or redness around the penis.


PID can cause the fallopian tubes to narrow, becoming scarred, which may result in infertility in women.


Better2Know’s Mycoplasma Testing Options

Better2Know provides confidential STI tests and screens at private clinics across the UK, detecting a wide range of harmful infections, including Mycoplasma. Each testing option has a recommended incubation period, which is the time between potential exposure to infection and your STI screen or test. A 14-day period of incubation is advised before receiving your individual Mycoplasma test. Our selection of sexual health screens, listed below, combine Mycoplasma testing with tests for other STIs to give you a full picture of your STI status.

  • Comfort Screen (available at 14 days of incubation)
  • Comprehensive Screen (available at 14 days of incubation)
  • Early Platinum Screen (available at 14 days of incubation)
  • Complete Screen (available at 28 days of incubation)
  • Conclusive Screen (available at 28 days of incubation)
  • Confidence Screen (available at 28 days of incubation)
  • Confirm Screen (available at 28 days of incubation)
  • Full Screen (available at 28 days of incubation)
  • Platinum Screen (available at 28 days of incubation)
  • Platinum Plus Screen (available at 28 days of incubation)
  • Pre-Pregnancy Screen (available at 28 days of incubation)

For those who test positive for Mycoplasma, your Better2Know advisor can arrange private doctor’s consultations so you can discuss your diagnosis in more detail. Your private doctor will prescribe the medication you require, if necessary. Following the completion of your treatment, you may choose to receive a test-of-cure with Better2Know to ensure your Mycoplasma infection is no longer present. If you have any doubts concerning your sexual health, it is important to get tested as soon as possible. Further health complications, such as infertility, could develop if your Mycoplasma infection is not treated correctly.


Booking Your Confidential Mycoplasma Test

To book your private appointment in the UK today, please contact Better2Know’s highly trained sexual health advisors on the number listed above. They can help you choose the most suitable testing option for your personal circumstances. If you have any additional queries concerning our confidential STI testing services, your advisor can answer your questions before processing your booking. Better2Know’s online booking system is also available for you to arrange your confidential appointment at any time. Simply select the orange Book Now button at the top of the page to begin your patient journey with us now.


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