Sitting at home one night, Emma stood up to go to the loo, when it occurred to her that she had needed to go a lot that day.  This time passing urine begun to burn her a little.  “I thought I must have cystitis” said Emma, “like most women I had had that before, usually with a new partner or when I had not had sex for a while”.  Despite drinking lots of fluids (and cranberry juice), the burning did not completely go away.  “Some days were fine, some a little bit harder” said Emma.  She went to see her pharmacist who suggested an over the counter remedy for cystitis – a powder to be made into a drink three times a day, but still the burning continued.  

So, Emma turned to the internet “I was a bit worried about doing this, as I know that some information out there is wrong, and I didn’t want to panic, but the burning was really starting to affect my life, I felt stressed and worn out, and I always needed to know where the nearest lavatory was”.  After a few minutes searching, Emma quickly learnt that burning during urination could be an STI.  “I was shocked by this, I had been single a while, and always been safe so I was beginning to think that maybe a condom had broken”. Whilst researching STIs, Emma found Better2Know.  She found that there were many infections that could cause the symptoms she had, and although they could be sexually transmitted, they could also occur naturally.  Particularly in women.

Emma decided to have the Better2Know Comfort Screen.  This tested for:

  • Chlamydia
  • Gonorrhoea
  • Mycoplasma
  • Ureaplasma
  • Trichomonas
  • Gardnerella
  • Herpes 1 and 2

“The Comfort Screen seemed like it had been made for me” said Emma ” it was a urine only test which makes sense as that is where I had symptoms, and it was testing for STIs I had not even heard of before, but I now know are really common in America where they are tested for more routinely”.  Emma attended her appointment, and when her results came back later the same week, she tested positive for ureaplasma and gardnerella.  “I was actually relieved to find a cause for my symptoms” she said.  Gardnerella is a bacteria found naturally in the body and when it gets out of control it can cause the symptoms Emma experienced.  It can also be transmitted by women to men if not treated.  Emma got the treatment she needed straight away.  Her prescription was faxed to her pharmacy the same day she got here results by phone.

“It was brilliant, I got my results and prescription without having to go back to the clinic.  I just picked up my medication later in the day.”

If you are worried about a persistent Urinary Infection, then please call us to arrange a Comfort Screen.

Emma’s real name had been changed to protect her identity.

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