Health Officials in the US are asking doctors to stop using their usual antibiotic for the treatment of gonorrhoea as it so resistant to the drug.

The US says that Suprax (cefixime) is becoming less effective, and that the injectable ceftriaxone is used as a last treatment option in combination with another antibiotic.

Dr Gail Bolan, Director of CDC’s Sexually Transmitted Disease Prevention division said “the change in antibiotic treatment guidelines we are taking today is a critical pre-emptive strike to preserve the last effective treatment option… this will not solve the problem of drug-resistant gonorrhoea once and for all, but it may buy us time to allow researchers and drug developers to develop new treatments”.

The best way to reduce the risk of increasing drug-resistant gonorrhoea is to diagnose as quickly as possible and then to fight with at least two types of antibiotics at the same time, as this has been effective against tuberculosis’s, as it makes it harder for the gonorrhoea bacteria to fight back.

Better2Know can test for gonorrhoea at any of its partner clinics with a simple urine test that also looks for Chlamydia.  In addition you can choose to have a swab of your throat (if you have unprotected oral sex) or rectum (if you have anal sex) for these two STIs.

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