Hepatitis B can be transmitted by blood to blood contact. The virus can also be present in other bodily fluids such as semen, vaginal fluids and saliva. It can be sexually transmitted if there is blood present or small cuts or tears in the skin during sex. Here are some more facts about Hepatitis B.

  • Along with Hepatitis A and Hepatitis C, it is one of the main viral threats to your liver and can lead to long term liver problems.
  • The Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) is 100 times easier to transmit sexually than HIV.  That means that if you have sex with someone who has HIV and someone who has Hepatitis B you are a hundred times more likely to have Hepatitis B.
  • It is possible to transmit Hep B by oral, vaginal and anal sex as the virus is found in saliva, semen, vaginal fluid as well as blood.
  • The more sexual partners you have, the more likely you are to have Hepatitis B.
  • Holding hands, hugging and dry kissing on the lips will not transmit the virus.
  • It remains unknown whether deep kissing can transmit the virus – it is though it is possible, but there are no cases documented.  Possibly because deep kissing can lead to sex and so the transmission route will be unknown.
  • There is a proven vaccine for Hepatitis B which is compulsory for anyone who works with blood including doctors, nurses, laboratory staff and dentists.  Better2Know can arrange your Hepatitis B Vaccine for you.
  • Hepatitis B is tested for with a blood test.  With Better2Know, your results are ready the same day your sample is received in the laboratory.

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