HIV is not a notifiable disease in the UK.  This means that doctors are not required to tell anyone that you have HIV in the UK.  However statistics are compiled by Public Health England, showing the new infections and total number of people reported to have HIV.  There are always interesting things you can show with statistics, and here are some we have seen in the last 15 years of HIV management.

New HIV Diagnosis

The number of new Diagnosis was down for both men and women in 2013. There were 4,477 new male diagnosis (2012: 4504) and 1,522 new female diagnosis (2012: 1522) a total of 6,000 (2012: 6,245).

Nearly half of new HIV cases were MSM, 16% were men in a heterosexual relationship, and 19% were women from a heterosexual relationship.  There were also 2% from injecting drugs.

Over the new infections reported in England, over half were in London.

Women are more likely to be diagnosed earlier than men, with 25-34 being the most common age group for diagnosis in women, and 35 to 49 in men.

HIV Care and Treatment

There were 81,512 people in the UK receiving HIV care and treatment at the end of 2013,  33,863 (42%) in London.

More people who acquired HIV by heterosexual transmission (48%) than homosexual transmission (44%) received care and treatment in 2013.

87% of people who are HIV positive, are reported as receiving an antiretroviral therapy.


source: Public Health England

Every new HIV diagnosis (and there were 16 a day in the UK in 2013) brings its own personal story, and we should not look only to statistics to understand the spread of HIV.  The most important thing is to wear a condom, and to get tested before having a new partner.  Better2Know can help you to get tested from just 10 days after any incident that you are concerned about.


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