There are lots of questions we are asked about HIV tests, here are some of the most common (and the answers!)

When should I test?

Better2Know has three different types of HIV testing. Which is best for you depends on how long it has been since any incident you are concerned about: unprotected sex, a needle stick injury or other exposure.  We have a ten day after exposure which is suitable from 10 days onwards and is in conjunction with Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C.  From 28 days, we recommend the HIV Duo test – which tests for the p24 antigen and types 1 and 2 antibodies.  The p24 antigen appears earlier than the antibodies which make this a very accurate test from 28 days onwards.  Additionally, we also have a rapid test that can give you your results in the clinic. The 28-day rapid test is done on a finger prick so is ideal for people who are scared of needles.

How often should I test?

That depends on how many sexual partners you have and whether you engage in other high-risk activity.  Every 3 to 6 months is recommended if you regularly have unprotected sex with different people.

Should I be tested for other STIs?

It is up to you what you test for.  Many people are most worried about HIV because of the changes that you have to make to your life if you are HIV positive.  However, if you have had unprotected sex, unless you know what your partner has tested for, then the only way to know what you have is to get tested, and you should consider our full or platinum screens.  Better2Know can test you for any STI of your choice at the same time as your HIV test.

Where can I get tested?

There are many organisations where you can get tested.  Better2Know has a large network of clinics across the UK where you can get tested without having to give your real name, your address or your GP’s name, so no one needs to know that you have had a test.

I have more questions what should I do?

You can either ask us your questions when you book with us, or you can ask your Bette2Know doctor during your appointment.

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