The fourth national HIV testing week (NHTW) starts tomorrow: Saturday 21 November 2015.  For the next two weeks, Better2Know will be donating to the Terrence Higgins Trust for every HIV test booked through us (on its own or as part of a screen).    

The Terrence Higgins Trust is the UKs largest HIV and Sexual Health Charity.  It helps thousands of people every year to learn about HIV, and to continue to lead a normal and active life if they are HIV positive, as well as working to prevent new transmissions.

The best way to protect your own health, as well as the health of your current and future partners is to get tested and know your status.  Early diagnosis is key to protecting your long term health, and, like Charlie Sheen, will help doctors have the best chance of getting your viral load to undetectable levels.  If your viral load is undetectable, it means it is unlikely that you will pass the virus on to anyone else.

Better2Know has three different HIV Tests:

  1. From 10 days after any exposure that concerns you – our Early Detection Screen is a PCR test for HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C
  2. From 28 days after any exposure that concerns you – our HIV Duo test for HIV 1 and 2 and the p-24 antigen – results are the same day the sample is received in the laboratory
  3. An instant HIV test – which gives you your results in 20 minutes while you wait at the clinic

You can have your results at home or in any of our 200 clinics and nurse stations across the UK.

Please phone the number above to book your test and we will make a donation to THT.

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