It may seem unusual, but mental and sexual health are actually intimately related. For example, many people suffer from anxiety and worry about their health because they are unsure about a sexual decision they have made.

Having poor mental health can significantly affect the decisions that humans make about who we choose to have sex with and when. As humans, we naturally engage in practices that we may question later. A study conducted by BMC Public Health found that only 52% of respondents with high knowledge about STIs had actually undergone an STI test in the past. If you are worried, depressed, and/or anxious about your sexual health, STI Testing can help improve your mental health.

This article shows how STI Testing can improve mental health by lessening sexual health anxiety and allowing for greater freedom of sexual decisions. As a leader in STI and wellness testing, Better2Know has helped thousands of individuals improve their mental health through comprehensive STI Testing.

How do STIs Affect Mental Health?

The main way that an STI or the knowledge that you might have an STI can negatively affect your mental health through causing anxiety and worry. STIs can be a scary thing to think about for a number of factors.

Our society holds many stigmas around STIs, so the thought of having one can cause great anxiety and panic in most people. You might find yourself anxious about how having an STI will cause others to see you or how potentially having an STI could affect your sexual relationships. This is especially true for those with a limited or flawed understanding of STIs.

In addition, some STIs do not cause symptoms in all who have them. This means that even if you are symptom-free, you might still have an STI that others could contract from you. For instance, only 20% of women in the UK who contract chlamydia show any symptoms. This means there is no way to know if you are STI-free without testing. Obviously, this has the potential to cause a lot of negative mental health effects.

This leads many people to find themselves worried about some sort of sexual contact that they had with a new partner. Trying out new sexual activities and partners can be an engaging and rewarding part of life. But, the negative mental health aspects that may accompany these new experiences stop some people from engaging in them.

Luckily, STI testing can help improve your mental health by lessening your anxiety around STIs and allowing for greater sexual freedom. This will allow you to live your life to the fullest free of the burdens of STI anxiety.

How STI Testing can Help Improve Mental Health

The main way that STI testing can help you lessen your sexual anxiety and thus increase your mental health is by giving you peace of mind. It is completely natural to be worried about contracting an STI. This is especially true if you’ve recently had sex with a new partner or in a new way. STI testing can combat STI anxiety by quickly and efficiently telling you about any STI diagnosis.

Knowing that you have a quick, and easy way to determine if you’ve contracted an STI can work wonders for your mental health. Now, you are free to explore your sexuality and try new things without wondering if you are staying safe.

Better2Know STI Testing for Improved Mental Health

This is where Better2Know’s STI Testing comes in. At Better2Know, we have years of experience helping thousands of sexually active people improve their mental health through our testing programs.

Better2Know offers STI tests that detect a wide range of STIs, from chlamydia to HIV. In addition, we offer STI screens created by medical experts that can give you an idea of your overall sexual health.

Our Peace of Mind Screen is perfect for lessening anxiety about your sexual health. By testing for chlamydia, gonorrhoea, and syphilis, the Peace of Mind Screen tests for the three most common STIs that give people anxiety.

Better2Know can arrange for screening and testing at a clinic near you, or you can opt for one of our home test kits. Contact us today for more information.


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