Good question!  The answer is still being debated, but the consensus of opinion is coming down to: probably by anal or oral-anal intercourse.

Hepatitis A is most commonly found in Developing Countries with poor sanitation.  It is found in dirty water, and can easily be transmitted to food, cutlery and glassed washed in dirty water.  It is one of the reasons you may have been warned to beware of salads in Developing Countries.  It is easily passed on by eating or drinking something that is contaminated, and in faeces of someone who has Hepatitis A.

Sexual transmission could therefore occur if there is any mouth to anal contact, anal to finger to mouth contact or anal to object to mouth contact.  It needs only a microscopic amount to transfer the virus.

So it is possible for Hepatitis A to be Sexually Transmitted, but this would be less likely in vaginal intercourse and oral intercourse (mouth to vagina or mouth to penis).

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