Two people in Australia are the latest to be diagnosed with so-called ‘Super Gonorrhoea’. The two separate cases were reported last month, one in Queensland and the other in Western Australia. One of the individuals is believed to have contracted the infection during a trip to South East Asia.

The diagnoses have come to light following the news we brought you last week, regarding a UK citizen with the ‘world’s worst case of Gonorrhoea’. The British man’s condition has so far proved ‘resistant to dual first-line therapy’ following an unsuccessful course of antibiotics. He also caught the infection in South East Asia, which the Daily Mail described as a ‘hotbed for sex tourism and antibiotic resistance’ to Gonorrhoea.

In a statement, the Commonwealth’s Chief Medical Officer, Brendan Murphy, confirmed that the instances were ‘resistant to all of the antibiotics that have been in routine use against Gonorrhoea.’ Experts have put the spread of this particularly harmful strain down to two contributing factors; namely, unprotected sex and an overuse of antibiotics. Mr Murphy is encouraging the practice of safe sex in response to the recent developments.

“It is important when travelling, and at home, to use appropriate precautions, such as barrier protection like condoms and dams, when engaging in all types of sexual activity,” he said.

This is not the first time that Better2Know has reported on antibiotic resistant strains of Gonorrhoea. Only last Summer we brought you the news of three similarly ‘untreatable’ cases in France, Japan and Spain. The World Health Organization has also predicted that it is merely a ‘matter of time’ before last-resort Gonorrhoea treatments become ineffective.


Gonorrhoea Testing with Better2Know

Gonorrhoea is a common STI, which often shows little or no symptoms in the infected individual. Early detection and treatment are key to protecting both your own health and that of any current or future partners. Testing remains the only way to be completely certain of your STI status.

Public Health England has said that sexual health care providers must ensure “prompt diagnosis, culture for susceptibility testing, effective treatment, test of cure, partner notification and a full sexually transmitted infection screen.” Better2Know, the world’s leading provider of private STI testing services, are international experts in sexual health. We offer confidential testing throughout both the UK and Australia, detecting a wide range of infections including Gonorrhoea.

With Better2Know, you can get tested for Gonorrhoea individually or as part of a combination of tests, known as a screen. Many of our STI screens require a single urine sample to detect Gonorrhoea. If your symptoms are localised in a particular area, Better2Know can also provide throat, rectal, vaginal and urethral swabs for analysis. Once collected, a qualified medical practitioner will send your samples to our certified laboratory for fast, accurate analysis. Results are available within two working days from receipt of sample and are accessible online via the secure patient login area of our website.

Instant Gonorrhoea testing is also available in selected locations across the UK. With this popular testing option, a highly qualified nurse or clinician will collect your swab sample at a private appointment, performing the pathology whilst you wait in the clinic. You will receive your confidential results within 30 minutes of being tested. An immediate prescription will also be provided should you test positive for Gonorrhoea and we can also schedule telephonic or face-to-face doctor’s consultations across the country.

After finishing your course of treatment, it is always advisable to take a test-of-cure to ensure the infection is no longer present in your system. You can arrange your Better2Know Gonorrhoea test online by selecting the Book Now button at the top of this page. Alternatively, if you would prefer to discuss your testing options with a professional advisor, you can do so by calling our dedicated team on the telephone number above.

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