The Movember movement began in 2003 with two Australian friends, Travis Garone and Luke Slattery. They set about bringing the moustache back into fashion by persuading their friends to grow one. Their inspiration came from a friend’s mother who was fundraising for breast cancer and associated the moustache with the pink ribbon, but for men.  

Movember aims to increase early cancer detection, diagnosis and treatment in men to reduce the number of preventable deaths. The Movember Foundation uses the moustache as a powerful symbol, especially on social media, to create more awareness of prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health and suicide prevention. It is estimated that the Foundation has raised $837 million and funded over 1,200 projects in more than 20 countries. 

UK celebrities unite to support Movember 

UK celebrities have joined forces to be part of the 2021 Movember campaign. Namely, Professor Green, Ghetts, Royal Blood, Ashley Walters, Jesse Wood, Joe Sugg, Hussain Manawer and Jonny May. Fearne Cotton and Gizzi Erskine are also involved this year showing that anyone can be involved. 

On Twitter, Movember UK describes events happening this November which included the Lamborghini Bull Run.  1500 supercars participated with some even sporting moustaches. A 24-hour charity football match is planned for 22 November and Sky News reported on 15 November that a “Pedaling Picasso” cycled 75 miles across London to map out a mustachioed man. 

Early detection with a prostate health screen test  

Movember continues to highlight the need for early detection in social and mainstream media. This is especially relevant with prostate cancer.  According to, “this cancer does not usually cause any symptoms until the cancer has grown large enough to put pressure on the tube that carries urine from the bladder out of the penis (urethra)”. 

Early detection of a potential problem with your prostate can be achieved with a Prostate Health Screen.  It measures the level of prostate-specific antigen (PSA). This is a protein, made only by the prostate gland, which can be produced by normal and cancerous prostate cells. 

Most men will have a small amount of PSA in their blood.  An abnormal level may indicate an issue with your prostate, which may need further investigation by a doctor.  Better2Know can arrange private consultations nationwide, with a network of highly skilled doctors based across the UK. 

Prostate cancer statistics states that “prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men.  More than 47,500 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer every year – that is 129 men every day.

Every 45 minutes one man dies from prostate cancer – that is more than 11,500 men every year. 1 in 8 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime”.  As the Movember movement grows, its influence, especially with celebrity endorsement, will hopefully reduce these figures.  

Confidential Testing for Prostate Cancer 

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