The Independent has reported on a new HIV treatment that uses a man-made antibody to stop the virus attacking the immune system.  Trials have shown a huge reduction in the viral load of patients.

A reduction of up to 300 times of the viral load has been seen in patients.  The antibodies are given by injection with the effects lasting several weeks for some patients.  Researchers hope that their antibodies, which are designed to attach to the outside of the HIV virus, could help develop a therapeutic vaccine for HIV.

This new treatment is currently at Phase 1 of clinic trials and will need further trials before it can become widely available.

Dr Marina Caskey of Rockefeller University in New York is the lead author of the study.  She said, “What’s special about these antibodies is that they have the activity against over 80% of HIV strains and they are extremely potent”.  Prof Vincent Piguet Director of Cardiff University’s Institute of Infection and Immunity said “this is good news for the fight against HIV, but a fully developed antibody to treat HIV-1 might still take a few years to develop”.

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