Some schools in England are opting out of a government scheme to vaccinate all girls against Cervical Cancer on religious grounds.  The schools only promote sex inside of marriage, and therefore believe that the vaccine (which protects against types 16 and 18 of the Human Papillomavirus) is not necessary, or in the ethos of the school.  This vaccine is routinely offered to all girls at the ages of 12 to 13.  Although it will be replaced by Gardasil from this autumn to protect against types 6 and 11 (which can cause genital warts) as well.

An investigation by GP magazine found that 24 schools in England were not offering the virus, and that many of the schools were not passing this information onto GPs so that they could offer girls the vaccine, or providing information as to where the vaccine could be obtained.  1,000 women every year die from Cervical Cancer in the UK.

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