Better2Know’s Smear Test is available for all women, of any age, including those under the age of 25.  The test looks for changes in the cells of your cervix which may indicate that you have or are at risk of  developing Cervical Cancer.

Most Cervical Cancers are caused by the HPV virus.  HPV is a very common virus.  There are over 100 different types, around 40 of which are thought to be sexually transmitted.  Of these 40, 14 are said to be “High Risk”. This means that if you have an infections with one of these virus types, then you are at higher risk of developing cervical and other cancers.  If does not mean that you have or will have cervical cancer.  You may want to have more regular Smear Tests to see if this infection is causing any changes to your cervix.

HPV has also been found as a cause of other cancers including: vaginal, oral, throat, rectal and penile cancers.

An HPV test looks to see if you have an HPV infection.  With Better2Know this is 14 High Risk HPV types and 6 Low Risk Types.

A Smear Test looks to see if there are any abnormal changes to your cells.

Better2Know recommends that you choose our combined HPV and Smear test for the best overall picture of your cervical health.

Cervical Cancer is mainly caused by HPV which is sexually transmitted (it is also possible through bodily contact with an HPV infection).  Unlike other cancers it is not caused by genetic pre-disposition.  Life style choices may make you more susceptible to catching the virus, but they will not in isolation mean that you may develop Cervical Cancer.

HPV is also the cause of most genital warts.  Genital Warts are a low risk HPV.  Our HPV test will identify these low risk HPV types.  This means that you have an HPV type which is of low risk of causing a cancer.  Genital Warts are very common.  Our patients find it is reassuring women to know that they have this low risk viral type and that the cause of their wart is not going to develop into cancer.

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