At Better2Know, your results are confidential between you and your Better2Know doctor.  We do not ask for your real name or who your GP is, so there is no way we can report your results or share them with anyone else.  However, we did think you might be interested in the positive rates on some of the less well known STIs we test for so that you can consider whether you want to be tested for them.

Ureaplasma: 28% of people tested had the infection

Gardnerella: 21% of people tested had the infection

Mycoplasma: 0.6% of people tested had the infection

Trichomonas: 0.2% of people tested had the infection

Just because you have not heard of an STI does not mean that it is not out there and that people are not spreading them.  These infections are easily cured with antibiotics so that you do not risk your health and fertility and those of your partner.

They can be tested together in the Better2Know comfort screen or home test full screen (along with Chlamydia, gonorrhoea and a current infection of herpes).

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