If the pandemic has had an impact on your relationship, you’re not alone. Covid-19 has not only affected our entire lives, but also the dynamics of our relationships. With the shift to working from home and little reason to leave the house, has spending more time together actually forced couples apart?

The pandemic has, in most respects, changed the way we live, producing a knock-on effect for many relationships. Not only this, but we have also had time to re-evaluate what is important to us. Many couples have found themselves treading on eggshells and considering the value of their relationship, more than ever.

Between July and October 2020, British law firm Stewarts saw a 122% increase in enquiries compared with the previous year. Citizen’s Advice also reported a 25% increase in views on its divorce webpage at the start of September, in comparison to 2019.

How has the pandemic triggered the ‘break-up boom’?

For many couples, day-to-day routines are out the window, threatening normality, stability, and rhythm as a duo. With children taking more time out of school, discrepancies about childcare and housework have exaggerated arguments about roles in the home.

Most desk jobs have shifted to working from home. With little else to do under lockdown and strict restrictions, 90% of our time is spent under one roof, creating tension, emphasising differences, and fostering disputes.

Not to mention the financial implications of the pandemic – furlough, redundancy and future uncertainty all take their toll on wellbeing. It is believed that couples who are currently ‘on the rocks’ but are facing financial difficulties may postpone a divorce until life becomes more stable.

This ‘break-up wave’ is expected to continue well into next year, with the suggestion that some couples may be planning to split once normality begins to return. After all, communicating the idea of a divorce whilst confined within the house could be an uncomfortable way to spend the next lockdown.

Finding a new partner in the era of social distancing is likely to be a task, deterring couples from splitting due to fear of being alone. However, this isn’t to say that no new couples have emerged through the pandemic chaos. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

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