Hearing the roar of those engines as you take off to your dream destination has been forever in our minds while coping with Covid-19 lockdown fever. 2022 is the year you can start exploring your own version of paradise and with coronavirus restrictions starting to abate you can indulge your wanderlust.

Whether you want to explore the delights of the Italian Alps, soak up the sun on the Algarve, explore the Louvre in Paris, thrill the kids with a trip to Disneyworld in Florida, or simply sip ouzo on a remote Greek island, the world is now your oyster.

What are the UK travel industry´s predictions?

The UK travel industry forecasts a summer boom amid a steep rise in holiday bookings. Chief Executive of the UK´s biggest airline EasyJet, Johan Lundren, commented, “we see a strong summer ahead, with pent-up demand that will see EasyJet returning to near 2019 levels of capacity, with UK beach and leisure routes performing particularly well”.

He added that, “booking volumes had leapt since the government reduced travel restrictions. The UK is leading in bookings versus the rest of Europe for the first time since 2020”.

Are Britons planning more trips in 2022?

British ski enthusiasts, impatient to hit those slopes, can take off this winter to their favourite European ski resort or even go to the Beijing Winter Olympics in China which get underway on 4 February this year. A poll by easyJet has also revealed that Brits are planning to take more holidays than usual in 2022.

55% of the 2,000 consumers polled said they are planning more trips this year, while a third of respondents intend to spend £1,000 (€1,198) more than usual on their vacations, which suggests that holidaymakers want to put the pandemic behind them.

What are the tops spots to visit?

In sixth place in the EasyJet poll is ever popular Portugal. 8.7 per cent of respondents said they were planning a Portuguese holiday in 2022, with Lisbon and the Algarve likely to be top destinations.

5th and 4th place goes to Greece and Italy respectively. Greece made it to number 5 with 10.1 percent of the share. The most googled travel destination by Britons in 2021 was Greece, but who can blame them with their sunny country and equally happy go lucky disposition. Italy came in 4th with 16.4 percent of people surveyed hoping to visit the country in 2022. Venice? Rome? Florence? Need we say more.

3rd and 2nd place falls to France and the USA. The French Riviera and the seduction of Paris plus the fact it lies so close to the UK all combine to make France a top destination. The USA was the only long-haul destination to make it into the top tier. 18.1 percent of Britons told the Association of British Travel Agents they plan a trip to the USA with New York and Florida being the hotspots.

29.3% of Britons in the EasyJet survey favour Spain putting it in pole position at number 1. Britons have been flocking to Spain for decades so it´s not surprising. If you are taking a trip abroad then ensure smooth hassle-free travel and get the tests you need before travelling outside of the UK.

Where can you obtain tests for Covid-19 before travelling from the UK?

Wherever you opt to travel to from the UK there may be a testing requirement and it is advised you check the UK government website for up-to-date advice before you travel.

Better2Know provides fast and accurate results for a range of Covid-19 tests. You can test with a home sample collection kit, and we will provide you with a suitable Coronavirus test to meet your travel needs.

If you are travelling abroad, you can opt for our PCR swab test with a Fit to Fly Test and Certificate or our Rapid Covid-19 Lateral Flow Antigen test with a Fit to Fly Test and Certificate. Please note that from February 11, 2022, you will no longer be required to test for travel into the United Kingdom.

We also provide a range of Covid-19 antibody tests which will inform you whether you have produced antibodies in response to a previous coronavirus infection or from your vaccinations.

For full information on the UK government´s travel guidelines please go to https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice


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