It always seems to be the man who gets the blame for not wanting to wear a condom.  Anything from “I cannot feel anything” to “I’m allergic” or the favourite “I am so big they always break”…  Some women also don’t like using them, finding sex with condoms painful, or feeling that they know their partner well enough.

Everyone hates buying condoms and in some places they can be locked up to prevent theft so you have to ask for them…

There are plenty of good reasons to not use a condom when you are in a one partner relationship, you have both been tested for STIs and you have got your contraceptive options worked out (as applicable).

The average UK couple has had 26 partners between them when they first get together. If each of their former partners has had 26, then before you know it you are only two “steps” away from over 600 people and their infections. How well do you know each of them? Do you trust all of them as much as you trust your current partner?

Better2Know is here to help you both to get tested, quickly and easily. We do not ask embarrassing questions. We can get you a printout of your results and get you your results fast so that you can stop having to ask for condoms from behind the counter and get on with being spontaneous in your relationship.

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