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Sexual Health Testing Clinics Edinburgh

STI Clinic Edinburgh

The map shows the locations of our private GUM clinics offering STI testing across Edinburgh. Use the list of locations to find the centre nearest you, or click on the markers on the map to find the address of a particular clinic.

STI testing appointments at Better2Know clinics in Edinburgh are available everyday of the week, including weekends. Better2Know has clinics in the city centre where you can get tested for all the STIs that might concern you.

Within Edinburgh we can also offer you a number of Instant tests including HIV, Syphilis, Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C. Results are available while you wait - within 30 minutes.

Our clinics in and around Edinburgh:

Edinburgh (Hawthornbank Lane)

19 Hawthornbank Lane, Edinburgh EH4 3BH

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Edinburgh (Corstorphine Road)

122 Corstorphine Road, Edinburgh, EH12 6UD

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STI STD and HIV Testing Clinics in Edinburgh

Rates of infections from STIs are on the increase across Scotland and in particular infections such as Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea and Syphilis have increased significantly over the past several years. This worrying trend means that individuals who are sexually active, outside a long term monogamous relationship, are potentially at risk of catching an STI. Most people with an STIs do have any symptoms. So many people carry them and infect others without knowing the damage being do to their own bodies and to those of the people they infect. The only way to know if you have an STI is to get tested.

The Better2Know private GUM STI testing clinics in Edinburgh, can test you for all types of STIs including the most serious infections such as HIV, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and HPV. These viral infections can be very damaging, and if left undetected can lead to serious illness and even death. The Human Papillomavirus is one of the most common STIs and is responsible for Genital Warts and most cases of Cervical Cancer. In the case of Hepatitis infection, whilst the infection is often cleared by the body without treatment, when not, they can lead to severe liver disease and liver failure.

Other STIs such as Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, Syphilis, Mycoplasma, Ureaplasma, Gardnerella and Trichomonas are very common bacterial infections. They are easily spread between people who engage in intimate sexual contact or intercourse. Infections with these bacteria often go unnoticed as they frequently show no symptoms. Left undiagnosed, these infections can cause permanent damage to both the male and female reproductive organs, leading sometimes to permanent infertility.

The above infections are also frequently the cause of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease in women, a serious condition that requires immediate medical intervention.

The only way to be sure if you are carrying a Sexually Transmitted Infection is to get tested. Better2Know offers many individual and groups of tests which offer you the peace of mind you need. We can test for many STIs on only a Urine sample, but other tests will need a blood sample. You have instant HIV, Syphilis, Hepatitis B and C tests at Hawthorn Bank Lane clinic which needs only a small finger prick of blood and will give you results quickly. We can also offer the Early Detection Screen for HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C which can be run after only 10 days after any potential exposure. This is a good test for anyone who wants to test as early as possible for possible infection.

To book your tests, phone our friendly booking team or book online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.