National and European HIV Testing Week 2017

This Saturday signals the start of the 2017 National and European HIV Testing Week (HIVTW). The week runs until Friday 24th November and aims to raise awareness surrounding HIV, and the importance of regular testing.

The event is co-ordinated by HIV Prevention England, with support and participation from public, statutory and private sector bodies. Hundreds of organisations took part in last year’s highly successful HIVTW, promoting HIV related services and highlighting the benefits of regular testing and treatment for both individuals and the wider community.

Instant STI Testing in Manchester

In 2016, Public Health England revealed that Manchester had the country’s highest prevalence of HIV outside of London and the South East. And it’s not just HIV – in 2014 alone, almost 1.5% of the city’s inhabitants were diagnosed with an STI. As Manchester’s cosmopolitan community continues to increase, so too does the threat of sexually transmitted infections.

Hepatitis Testing in London

According to the latest Government figures, an estimated 60,000 people in London have been infected with Hepatitis C. To put that into context, that’s roughly the same amount that flood into the Emirates Stadium every Saturday afternoon. The report, published last month, sited the city’s ‘high rate’ of confirmed diagnoses when compared with other areas in the UK. The statistics for Hepatitis B showed no improvement either, with an incidence rate twice that of the national average. Though perhaps most alarmingly of all, the statistics showed that, globally, fewer than 1% of people with chronic Hepatitis infections are actually receiving treatment.

STI Clinics in Liverpool

In 2015 there were more than 5,000 STIs diagnosed in Liverpool – that’s over 1% of the city’s population – with Chlamydia diagnoses accounting for around half of those infections. The report, published by the Liverpool Echo in July of last year, also warned that the city was particularly susceptible to an outbreak of ‘Super Gonorrhoea‘, due to elevated levels of antibiotic prescriptions. In short, Liverpool’s STI infection rate is amongst the highest in the country, thus increasing the importance of regular testing.

Same Day STI Testing in Glasgow

In 2014, Health Protection Scotland revealed that the number of males diagnosed with Gonorrhoea in the Greater Glasgow and Clyde region was twice that of the national average. The figures for STIs like Genital Herpes weren’t much better either. Meanwhile, according to HIV Scotland’s regional statistics, over 1600 people in the same area are currently living with HIV, and 16.5% of those infected are not receiving specialist treatment. Whilst this data makes for concerning reading, an STI test with Better2Know would alleviate any doubts you may have regarding the status of your sexual health. What’s more, we can get you an appointment in Glasgow on the very same day that you book your test with us.


Get STI Test Results – FAST

At Better2Know, we understand that getting a sexual health test can be a worrisome time. You want discreet and efficient results, fast – that’s why we offer same or next day results for a comprehensive array of STI tests and screens.

Hepatitis & HIV: Why Our Early Detection Screen Matters

Over 100,000 people in the UK are currently living with HIV. And despite nationwide access to HIV testing and treatment, around 13% of those people are unaware of their positive HIV status. Public Health England, meanwhile, estimates that approximately 160,000 people are living with Hepatitis C in England alone, and in 2015, the World Health Organization revealed that, globally, around 650,000 people die as a result of Chronic Hepatitis B every single year.

At Better2Know, we believe in the normalisation of HIV, Hepatitis and STI testing. Our aim is to remove any associated stigmas and improve the health of our patients in the UK & around the world. The sooner a Hepatitis or HIV infection is successfully diagnosed and treated, the less chance there is of that individual transmitting their infection to someone else – hence the importance of regular testing and early intervention.

HIV Testing: Your Options

Despite the nationwide accessibility of HIV testing and treatment, it is estimated that 13,500 people in the UK remain unaware that they are HIV positive. Better2Know has several testing options for HIV, depending on both your personal preference and how long ago you may have been exposed to the infection. Please see below for a description of the different types of HIV test we offer.

REVEALED: The London Boroughs with the Highest STI Rates

The Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea has been named as one of London’s poorest performing areas for sexual health. According to Public Health England (PHE), the borough – alongside the larger districts of Lambeth and Southwark – experienced the greatest prevalence of new STIs in 2016.

Chlamydia Testing in the North West

Chlamydia is England’s most common bacterial STI, accounting for almost half of all STIs diagnosed in 2015. Though Chlamydia is a national issue, there is a significant geographical variation in its distribution, and its prevalence in the North West of England is something of a concern.