7 things to consider after a one-night stand

A one-night stand is nothing to be ashamed about. Having casual sex is a normal part of many people’s lives. What’s important is taking the necessary steps after a one-night stand. Here are our top tips to protect your health and wellbeing.

Better2Know celebrate Gold Stevie Award in Vienna

The International Business Awards were celebrated at the ANDAZ Hotel am Belvedere in Vienna, Austria on 19 October. At the awards ceremony, Better2Know was crowned the top company in the Health Products and Services category. CEO and co-founder, Mike Asher, was presented with the prestigious Gold Award.

Which STI screen or test is right for me?

Better2Know’s range of STI screens and tests have been designed by our team of medical experts. It can be difficult to know which is the best option for you. Rest assured that we have a suitable test or screen for everyone. It is important to choose the combination of tests which will relieve any concerns you have about your sexual health.

STIs on the rise amongst the older generation

A study by Age UK indicates a rise in the prevalence of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) among older people. The stigma associated with STIs presents a barrier for many in taking care of their sexual health. Unfortunately, age does not equal immunity when it comes to STIs. Knowing your sexual health status is important no matter how old you are.

Feeling anxious about your STI test?

Our health is one of the most important things in life. Just as many people feel nervous about speaking to a GP, it is also perfectly normal to feel uneasy about having a sexual health check-up. The Better2Know service makes your STI test as simple, discrete and stress-free as possible.

Living with HIV: Let’s beat the stigma

Associating HIV with death must be stopped. This is no longer the reality. This week, former rugby player Gareth Thomas publicly announced his HIV status in the hope of changing perceptions on living with HIV. “I’ve got HIV and it’s OK”, he said. In light of this, we want to help beat the stigma and eradicate the myths surrounding life with HIV.

What you need to know ahead of Freshers’ week

Freshers’ week marks the start of a new adventure. Meeting new people, living independently and enjoying new experiences. One whole week to socialise in your new city before the real studying at university begins. There are a few important things to bear in mind as Freshers’ week approaches.

New HIV diagnoses at lowest rate for almost 20 years

New diagnoses of HIV in the UK have fallen over a quarter between 2015 and 2018, according to Public Health England. The Government has proposed a new target to end HIV transmissions by 2030. The recent significant fall in new diagnoses of HIV has been attributed to several contributing factors.

The truth about Trichomoniasis

It’s the STI unheard of by most people. Yet, if left untreated, Trichomoniasis can lead to health complications for both men and women. So why is nobody talking about it? Here we answer some commonly asked questions about this STI.

Stigma around STIs: Why does it still exist?

It’s 2019. We have freedom of speech, freedom of movement, and freedom to have consensual sex with whoever we want, whenever we want. So why does society still frown upon a positive STI result? With the rates for many STIs on the rise, Better2Know encourages everyone who may have been at risk to get tested. A positive STI result does not define you.

Gonorrhoea in Northern Ireland at highest recorded level

New data published by the Public Health Agency reported that cases of Gonorrhoea in Northern Ireland have reached a record high. Diagnoses increased 30% in 2018, with the majority found in men. This significant increase poses risks surrounding antibiotic resistance to the infection.

Sexual health advice to share with your friends

Sexual health isn’t often the topic of conversation with friends. So, let’s talk. Be wise when you are drinking alcohol. Not everyone around you is necessarily there for a good time. Recent research suggests that incidents of drink spiking in the UK have doubled in the last few years. This significant rise poses a risk to both you and your sexual health, so here are our top tips on how to stay safe.

Toiletry bag essentials for your summer clubbing holiday

Summer. What’s not to love? No doubt the party holiday you’ve been waiting for all year is just around the corner. It’s the season to forget about all our worries, but that often means forgetting about important things, too. Condoms. Drinking responsibly. It’s all part of the fun and games. Packing safe sex essentials in your toiletry bag is the answer to avoiding some of the biggest problems a fun-filled summer clubbing holiday can bring.

Holiday Sex: Girls only Getaway

Holiday sex is not just the domain of the lads on tours. Girls on summer holidays are looking for summer loving and summer romance. Holiday sex is a little different to home sex, and there are a couple of things you can do to help the memories stay golden.

1 in 25 people have an STI

New research from a study published by the World Health Organisation, shows that 1 in 25 people around the world have an STI. That is 4% of the population. The study looks only at data for Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, Trichomonas and Syphilis. So the actual figure is likely to be higher.

Healthy sex on a lad’s summer holiday

If you are looking forward to your summer trip with the boys – whether this is an annual event or your first time – it is important to know what to do to keep yourself safe if you have sex with new people. You know to pack condoms with the kitemark, but what else can you do to help prevent an STI?

What is the best screening test for HIV?

There are many different types of HIV test. Some need blood samples, others are done on saliva. The best test depends on your situation. However one of the most important things to consider is the incubation or window period. This is how long it has been since the incident of concern and the date of your test. With HIV testing, accurate testing is available from just 10 days, but you must choose the right HIV screening test.

Enjoy your sex safely at festivals this summer

Summer festivals are a great time. Whether you are watching Kylie on the Pyramid stage at Glastonbury, The Manics at Kendal Calling or learning a new folk at the Cambridge Folk festival, the UKs festival scene means there is something for everyone. Relaxing, drinking, meeting new people and learning new skills can also lead to new sexual partners. The thrill of festival sex in the outdoors, tent, caravan or yurt is wonderful. We are here to help you do it safely.

10 Questions to ask at your STI Test

Taking control of your sexual health means getting a regular STI test. Your clinician knows a lot more about STIs and how to collect your samples. There are other questions that you can ask, to help you prevent getting an STI in the future, or taking (even) more pleasure from your sex life.

Embarrassed about going to a sexual health clinic?

STI home testing is becoming increasingly popular. Despite a society where our lives are posted all over social media where we thrive on sharing, likes and followers. The sudden shyness or refusal to talk about sexual health and sexually transmitted infections is surprising. Sex is easily accessible now, more than it was in the past. Stigma and discrimination still exist. With the idea that people who have STIs are dirty. Having a sexually transmitted infection should not be the decider on one’s perception of other people’s personal hygiene levels.

Testing positive: Who Should You Tell?

Getting tested is the hard part done. No more wondering if that itch, rash, or pain when you urinate will go away. No more worrying about going to see your doctor, or sitting in the waiting room feeling like everyone knows why you’re there (FYI: they don’t at Better2Know clinics). You now know your STI status and can now receive treatment to clear or manage the infection. The next step is to notify sexual partners (past and present) of your status. Please ask them to book an STI testing appointment. This may seem daunting, but their health is at risk. It is not fair on them not to tell them. Protecting your partner, it is a conversation you will need to have.

Your First STI Test: What You Need To Know

Whether you are exhibiting concerning symptoms, or are simply concerned about your sexual health, then you should book an STI test. If this is your first time getting tested, there is nothing to be afraid of. You should feel confident that you are taking control of your sexual health. Everyone’s experience with sexually transmitted infections differ. Some might suffer from painful or worrying symptoms such as blisters, unusual discharge or pain during sex, whilst others may experience no signs of an STI at all.

Better2Know Nominated for Awards

Better2Know’s Founders Michael Asher and Anthea Morris are regional finalists for two awards. The awards celebrate Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Best Practice examples of what being a Director is all about.

Women’s Health Month

Our friends in America promote women’s health month in May every year. This awareness raising programme of events looks at many different aspects of women’s health including: Cervical Cancer Prevention, self-care, orgasms and sexual well being and the menopause.

Ireland is experiencing an STI crisis

The British Association for Sexual Health and HIV (BASHH) recently updated standards for the management of sexually transmitted infections to help healthcare establishments, government-funded and otherwise, ensure they are providing high quality sexual health services for their patients. The clinical recommendations are relevant for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Sex stigma threatens the sexual health of silver singles

The diagnosis of sexually transmitted infections has risen by a third in people ages between 50 and 70. With increasing rates of divorce and online dating fuelling the surge in casual sex, the sexual health of the generation who may not have had access to sex education is threatened. Stigma and discrimination are not encouraging this commonly overlooked population to get the help and advice they need regarding their personal risk to STIs.

Glasgow sees worst HIV epidemic in over 30 years in Britain

Research suggests that there has been a 10-fold increase in HIV infections amongst drugs users in Glasgow. Britain has not suffered an outbreak of this scale since the 1980s and the epidemic is not being contained. With few places to get clean injecting kits, drug users are resorting to sharing needles. Even though Glasgow’s NHS has introduced needle exchange points to reach addicts on the streets, the virus is still rapidly spreading.

HPV vaccine drastically reduces UK rates of cervical cancer

The HPV vaccine has exceeded experts’ initial expectations with a recent study suggesting that the routine vaccination of young girls in Scotland has led to a significant reduction of cervical cancer cases later in life.

Illegal online STI drugs target those afraid to see a doctor

One of BBC’s reporters recently went undercover to investigate the illegal online trade of drugs that is endangering the sexual health of the UK population. The unlicensed antibiotics were advertised through social media as treatment for sexually transmitted infections; the drugs were not only illegal – with some not even being prescribed anymore – but also sold at the wrong dose.

HIV Statistics for the UK and London

News of a man being cured of HIV in the UK is circulating. The London patient, who was being treated for cancer, now has undetectable HIV viral loads and is no longer taking HIV medication following his stem cell transplant. Despite this, researchers say it is too early to say that the patient has been cured. Though this case may bring hope for a cure to those living with HIV, it is still only the second case of its kind. The therapy is also not suitable as standard HIV treatment due to the toxicity of chemotherapy, which was initially used to target the patients cancer not his HIV infection. This recent case raises questions as to how well the country is doing in terms of treatment and overall HIV statistics in the UK.