We Come2You…

The Better2Know Everywhere service now comes to you.  Our outstanding STI testing service is available at any suitable location you choose across the United Kingdom,or you can now choose from any of our pre qualified Nurse Stations where you can see your Private Nurse for all your testing needs. We know that getting to a clinic is not always easy or convenient, and that your privacy and confidentiality are of the highest importance to you. By booking your Better2Know STI tests with our Everywhere service, you can choose exactly where and when you want your personal nurse to attend to take your samples for the tests you select. Our team of nationwide nurses are fully trained to take all the necessary blood, urine or swab samples required.

You can book your tests and visit by simply calling our booking team. We will send your personal nurse to any location you choose, nationwide.  We can get you an appointment quickly. The Better2Know Everywhere STI testing service brings you the most comprehensive range of CE marked and clinically proven STI tests which will all be performed at our fully accredited laboratory. This service is the perfect solution for you if you want the convenience and service of a personal nurse to visit you at any of our nurse stations or alternative location of your choice.

How much will the Everywhere service cost?

Better2Know will send your fully trained nurse to any location or nurse station that you choose from only £40 in addition to the cost of your tests.  The Better2Know Everywhere service is offered to you Free of Charge on our Platinum and Early Platinum screens, and all orders of £495 or above for appointments between 9.00am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday.

Suitable Everywhere Locations

Better2Know offers a nationwide network of Nurse Stations where you can see your private nurse. We know that sometimes it’s just not convenient to see a nurse at your home or place of work, and finding a suitable location can be difficult. Better2Know has taken the effort out of this by bringing to you our extensive network of pre qualified locations that are perfect for a private and discrete visit with your Private Nurse.

You can also choose your own location where you would like your personal nurse to meet you to take the samples necessary for your Better2Know STI tests. The Everywhere location you choose must simply be safe, clean, private and include a hand washing facility. Locations to consider can include:

  • Your home
  • Your place of work (an office or meeting room)
  • The house of a friend
  • A local hotel
  • Any similar place where you and your personal nurse feel comfortable taking the necessary samples.

Please have the post code ready when you call us.

Better2Know's Everywhere STI testing service brings our excellent service directly to you at a location of your choice. 

Booking Your Appointment

You will have the services of your personal nurse who will take all the samples required discretely, privately, and  offering you the maximum level of service and convenience possible.  You will be given a two hour window for your appointment. Call our friendly 24/7 booking team now to schedule your Better2Know Everywhere STI testing service.