At Better2Know, we offer cancer risk tests to help put your mind at ease. We understand many people are worried about cancer, but the key to a successful outcome is to start treatment as soon as possible. Cancer is a disease that causes your cells to multiply uncontrollably. It is a leading cause of death worldwide, and can happen to people of all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds.

Better2Know provides different cancer risk tests to help you detect cancer early on. With early detection, cancer can be treated more easily, and there is a better chance of beating it. Once detected, your doctor can prescribe you medications and provide further treatment to eliminate the cancer.

You can get tested at our UK-wide network of clinics for our cancer risk tests.

Better2Know Cancer Risk Tests

How Do You Test for Cancer?

Testing for cancer can come in many forms. You can get a PAP smear or give a blood, urine, or stool sample. The type of sample you need to provide depends on which form of cancer you are testing for. For instance, the pap smear would only be for women testing for cervical cancer.

Who Should Get Cancer Risk Tests?

In general, everyone should get a cancer risk test. While cancer is more common among older adults, anyone can be diagnosed with cancer. The best way to check for cancer is to get routine cancer risk tests such as PAP smears or prostate screenings.

You should also get a cancer risk test if you notice any specific, unusual symptoms such as a lump, weak urine, or breast milk production in men or non-pregnant women. At Better2Know, we have cancer risk tests for bone marrow, bowel, pituitary, cervical, and prostate cancer, so you can test individually for each type of cancer. 

Anyone who has family members with cancer should also get cancer risk tests since they are at higher risk. This includes first-degree relatives such as a mother, father, brother, sister, or children. Those with many relatives who have the same type of cancer should also get tested.

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Better2Know offers cancer risk testing at each clinic for bone marrow, bowel, pituitary, cervical, and prostate cancer. Whether you notice symptoms, have family members with cancer, or simply want to get checked to ease concerns, you can get your cancer risk test at one of our clinics. To make an appointment, call our booking team at the number above or click 'book now'.

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