Color Extended Panel Genetic Test
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Product Description

Color Extended Panel Genetic Test

If you are under 18 years old, please give us a call if you would like to purchase this Color Extended Panel Genetic Test

Extended Panel Genetic Test Kit

What is the Extended Panel Genetic test?

Our test covers 74 genes to provide valuable genetic insights on how your body may handle certain medications and your risk of developing heart condition or hereditary cancer.

The test will also include mandatory pre- and post-test clinical support, to assist you in your understanding of:

  • The benefits and risks of taking a test
  • Potential test results and their meaning
  • How to interpret your results, once the results report is available, and if necessary, clinical advice on what to do next

Why should I consider the Extended Panel Genetic test?

This test provides a personalised screening which will show you if you are at an increased risk of developing certain health conditions, and cancers, and how certain medications may be processed by your body. Although many heart conditions are caused by lifestyle and environmental factors, some are primarily caused by inherited mutations. 10–15% of most cancers can arise due to inherited mutations, or genetic variants which are passed down from your parents.

You may not be the only one to benefit from an extended panel genetic test, as your results can also help your family members to understand their risk. There is a chance that your relatives could be at an increased risk of cancer or heart conditions if your test results indicate you could be at risk.

What is the Better2Know Extended Panel testing process?

Prior to your test, you will be invited to attend a consultation with one of our experienced doctors. During the consultation, you will discuss the test and the implication of any results. Following your consultation, your sample collection kit will be sent to you.

Our test will require you to provide a saliva sample. You will receive detailed instructions on how to collect your sample in your home testing kit, which will contain all the materials necessary for the collection process. You will also receive a pre-paid return envelope, for the postage of your sample to our lab for testing.

When will my home testing kit arrive?

We will send your test using first-class post on the same day you've had your consultation, Monday to Friday.

How will I receive my test results?

You will receive your test results 4–5 weeks after your order receipt arrives at our UK-accredited laboratory. Once all your results are ready to report, our expert advisors will contact you. Alternatively, you can phone us to receive your results over the phone instead.

What should I do with my results?

Your results will only indicate whether you have any gene mutations that could increase your risk of heart disease or cancer, it will not diagnose your condition. Also, a negative result does not necessarily mean you will never develop any future conditions. If one or more of your test results are positive, we can arrange an over-the-phone discussion, as well as post-test counselling with a geneticist.

How can I order my home test?

If you wish to order your genetic home testing kit, please add the extended panel genetic test to your basket and proceed to payment. If you have any other questions, you can phone Better2Know on the number shown at the top of the page. Our team of expert advisors will be happy to help you process your order and answer any additional queries you may have. You can phone us at any time, as our lines are open 24/7 for your convenience.


Frequently Asked Questions

When is my order dispatched?

All orders placed before 4.00pm are dispatched the same day in the first class post.

How much is delivery?

First class postage is free for all products.