Better2Know has trained counsellors ready to talk to you about your Sexual Health.

It can be upsetting and worrying to find out that you have an STI. Our trained counsellors can help you to talk about how you are feeling, and to deal with any emotions that your STI test and results may trigger, and that you do not want to deal with on your own.

Our Counselling service will:

  • Help you to understand what your STI status means for you
  • Help you to make any changes in your life to get and stay healthy
  • Work with you to understand the factors behind your concern
  • Work with you to manage your anxiety about STIs

Understand your STI Status

The good news is that most STIs are curable or are manageable with the right medication. You might need some help answering questions like: “Why has this happened to me?” or “What did I do to deserve an STI?” or “What does this mean for my relationship”. We are here to help you.

Making changes in your life to get and stay healthy

Avoiding a future STI should be something you think about, to help you avoid putting yourself at risk in the future. We can help discuss how to have safer sex, how to stay healthy, and how to avoid repeat occurrences of the same or different STIs.

Understand why you are concerned

Having an STI can lead to a variety of different emotions. These range from anger to embarrassment, from grief to frustration. We can work with you to understand the triggers for these concerns and how to start to manage them.

Manage your anxiety

Sometimes, everyone has trouble managing their anxiety. If you are worried about your pending results, or getting the test in the first place, our counsellors can help. We can also help you manage your concerns going forward and to help you to reduce the impact your STI test has on your life.

Book your session

Better2Know counselling sessions are 20 minutes long. Most of our patients find that one session is enough to talk through their concerns and emotions. To book please call the booking team on the number above.