Men's health is often overlooked. By getting the right screenings and testing regularly, you can help improve your health. If you have early signs of a condition, it is always best to know as soon as possible. By catching any issues early on, you can take the right action to improve your health, with a greater chance of success. In addition, testing often is an important part of preventing serious diseases such as diabetes or stroke.

At Better2Know, we know that men have specific needs depending on factors such as their age, genetics, and environment. With comprehensive men's health tests, Better2Know has a test fit for every man's needs.

If you are unsure of which tests to take, you may want to start with the 'Well Man Test' or 'Senior Well Man Test'. These tests will examine the main parts of your body and provide you with a complete understanding of your overall health.

Better2Know Men's Health Tests

Why is Men's Health Important?

Men's health should always be taken seriously. Aside from obvious reasons, men have been shown to have a shorter life expectancy than women. In fact, they die an average of three to five years earlier than women. This can be because they generally take more risks and are more likely to avoid doctors.

Men also have a higher risk of many serious diseases, such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, lung cancer, and many other conditions. They can also get diseases that women don't get, such as prostate cancer. With all these factors, men should regularly get tested for health and wellness to live longer, happier lives.

What Health Tests Should Men Get?

Regular health tests are an essential part of keeping up with your health. The most valuable tests include general health tests that can assess your cardiac, lipid, and prostate profile. Better2Know's overall wellness test is divided into the 'Well Man Test' and 'Senior Male Wellness Test', depending on your age.

A general hormone test and testosterone test such as the ones provided by Better2Know are also great ways to ensure you have the correct balance of hormones. We also offer a prostate health screen that should be done regularly to check for signs of prostate cancer. Like all forms of cancer, prostate cancer can be better dealt with when caught early.

What Age Should Men Get Health Screenings?

Men should get a health screening every 1-3 years, starting at age 18. As you get older, you are more likely to have health concerns. This means you should get tested more often as you get older. Men over 40 should get health screenings yearly to check for diseases like diabetes, prostate cancer, and heart disease.

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