Our private STI clinics throughout the UK provide a variety of confidential HIV testing options. Like many STIs, HIV takes time before it can be accurately detected. This time between infection and accurate detection is known as the "window" or "incubation" period.

If you are unsure which test to select, or when you can receive HIV testing, Better2Know’s highly trained sexual health advisors will provide guidance on which HIV testing option suits your personal needs. 

Instant HIV Testing

Better2Know’s instant HIV test is available at selected private sexual health clinics in the UK. You will receive rapid results within 20 minutes of providing your blood sample. This anonymous HIV testing option is available after a 26-day period of incubation.

The test can detect the present of the p24 antigen, as well as HIV 1 and 2 antibodies. The p24 antigen is a protein associated with HIV, which eventually triggers the production of antibodies (seroconversion). HIV 1 and 2 antibodies are your body’s response to the foreign pathogen.

You will be given a signed and completed copy of the Better2Know Rapid Test Results Report, which will detail your confidential results.

4th Generation 28-Day HIV DUO Test

Better2Know’s popular HIV DUO test is available following 28 days of incubation. This will also detect the p24 antigen as well as HIV 1 and 2 antibodies in your blood sample, but the test will be conducted in our certified laboratory. Better2Know’s HIV DUO test is 99.8% accurate at 28 days. This increases to a 99.9% accuracy after 90 days of incubation following potential exposure to the virus.

10-Day HIV RNA PCR Test

You can receive confidential HIV testing as early as 10 days after suspected exposure to infection. This private HIV testing option will detect the viral RNA of HIV 1 in your blood. Results will be reported one working day after Better2Know’s accredited laboratory has received your blood sample.

3rd Generation 90 Day HIV Test

Better2Know no longer performs the 90 day test, as it is no longer the best test we can offer you. It looks for the HIV antibodies only. We suggest you choose a 4th or 5th Generation test which look for the antibodies and the p24 antigen.

If you have been advised to retest in three months time, then Better2Know suggests our 28-day HIV test as the most appropriate test for you.

The Advantages of Choosing Better2Know

  • Always 100% Confidential. You do not have to give us your real name and your results are never shared without your consent.
  • Fast Results. Your HIV test results will be available the same day your sample is received in the laboratory. Many of our clinics also offer instant HIV testing so you can know your status immediately.
  • Locations. We have testing clinics across UK so you will not have to travel far.
  • Facilities. Our clinics are clean and modern.
  • Non-Judgmental. The clinical staff is friendly and non-judgmental. We have heard it all before.
  • Partners. We work with the Terrence Higgins Trust, the UK's leading sexual health charity.

HIV in the UK

It is believed that the number of people living undiagnosed with HIV in the UK has trebled in the last decade. A report by the Health Protection Agency found the following:

  • An estimated 100,000 persons were living with HIV in the UK,
  • Around 6,000 people are diagnosed with HIV every year,
  • Over 40% of people newly diagnosed acquired the virus through heterosexual sex,
  • People aged over 55 and aged 20-25 are the age groups where the number of positive people is growing the fastest in the UK.

How Better2Know can make a difference

The earlier HIV is diagnosed the less chance there is that the infected individual will pass the virus to other people. This proves the importance of regular testing. At Better2Know, we believe in the normalisation of HIV and STI testing in the hope of removing any associated stigmas.

Better2Know is supported by the Terrence Higgins Trust, who provide support to our patients who are newly diagnosed. In addition, we make regular contributions to their work during the year.

Book Your Confidential HIV Test Now

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