Sex Hormone (Oestradiol) Test

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Product Description

Sex Hormone (Oestradiol) Test

What is Oestradiol?

Oestradiol is a powerful reproductive hormone that has a wide range of actions in both men and women. Also known as E2, estradiol and 17-beta (o)estradiol. Oestradiol is the strongest of the three naturally produced oestrogens and acts mainly to mature and maintain the female reproductive system. As well as its role in the development and release of an egg during ovulation and preparing the uterus in the event of fertilisation, Oestradiol also promotes the development of breast tissue and increases bone and cartilage density.

Oestradiol levels in women reduce slowly with age, a large decrease occurring at the menopause when the ovaries ‘switch off’. This stage is often associated with symptoms which may include hot flushes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, mood swings, depression and fatigue. From the menopause onwards, women are also at increased risk of osteoporosis due to a lack of oestrogen. An excess of Oestradiol can also cause symptoms ranging in severity from acne, constipation, low sex drive, depression and weight gain to infertility, stroke, heart attack and an increased risk of developing breast and uterine cancer.

Men also need Oestradiol for sperm production and this is made by converting testosterone within the testes. Men need much less Oestradiol than women as too much can cause sexual dysfunction, loss of muscle tone, increased body fat and the development of female characteristics, such as breast tissue.

Why should I consider an Oestradiol test?

If you are a woman who is concerned about fertility, the menopause or your risk of osteoporosis, Better2Know Your Body’s Oestradiol home test can give you the information you need to be better informed about your body. If you are a man or woman who is worried about any of the symptoms above, this Oestradiol home test kit could be the first step in answering concerns that you have.

What is the Better2Know Your Body home testing process?

A Better2Know Your Body Oestradiol home test will detect the levels of this hormone within your blood. The home testing kit will contain a small, gold-topped tube for blood collection, a pre-printed test form, three finger prick lancets, sterile wipes and a free return envelope. You will also receive clear instructions by email on how to safely take your own blood sample. Once you have collected it, place the gold-topped tube in the prepaid envelope provided and send it to one of our CPA accredited laboratories for testing.

When will my home testing kit arrive?

Better2Know Your Body posts kits out by first class mail on the same day that an order is received if this is before 4pm on Monday to Friday.

How will I receive my test results?

Your confidential home test results will be ready the same day as blood sample arriving at the laboratory. As soon as they become available, a member of our customer care team will contact you by email. You can also access your results securely, online via the confidential patient log in area of our website.

What should I do with my results?

This Better2Know Your Body home test will give you highly accurate information about the level of Oestradiol in your system. If your result is a cause for concern Better2Know Your Body can arrange a private consultation with one of our suitably qualified doctors across the UK.

How can I order my home test?


Frequently Asked Questions

When is my order dispatched?

All orders placed before 4.00pm are dispatched the same day in the first class post.

How much is delivery?

First class postage is free for all products.