Taking control of your sexual health means getting a regular STI test. Your clinician knows a lot more about STIs and how to collect your samples. There are other questions that you can ask, to help you prevent getting an STI in the future, or taking (even) more pleasure from your sex life.

  1. Am I doing the right things to prevent myself from getting an STI? Now is a good time to check that your safer sex methods are the best they can be.
  2. How can I ask my partner to get an STI test? Difficult from knowing whether this is the right time in your relationship as well as how to start the conversation. Start by taking control and asking your partner to reciprocate.
  3. Am I getting tested for the right STIs? If you aren’t sure, now is a good time to ask. The advice will vary depending on your sexual history.
  4. How often should I get tested? Everyone is different, if you have a lot of partners then every three to six months.
  5. Are there any vaccines to stop me getting an STI? There are effective vaccines for HPV, Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B. Discuss with your clinician if any might be suitable for you.
  6. Is my contraception effective? Make sure you have a regular check up about your birth control method
  7. I am not enjoying sex as much as I used to? Is it me? Hormones and stress levels change throughout your life. Talking to someone may help change your perspective.
  8. What other regular check ups should I have? Depending on your age and gender these can include prostate checks, mammograms, HPV tests. Talk to your doctor about what you should have.
  9. What happens if I test positive? It depends on what you test positive for, Better2Know are here to help.
  10. When will I get my STI test results? This will depend on what you choose to get tested for, but no more than five days from when your sample is received at the lab.


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