EL James’ first novel Fifty Shades of Grey has sold over five million copies in the UK and it is estimated that 17% of women have read it, with increasing evidence that its reader base is diverting from “mummy porn” to include teenagers and men.

The effects on the UK are still being measured, but along with the rise in sales of erotic fiction and increasing sales of bondage gear, the book has also improved many readers’ sex lives – which may lead to a baby boom in the next few months.

Whatever the issues around the quality of the tale and the depictions of the sex and whether it encourages violence, Mr Grey is consistent in his use of condoms and practising safe sex. Indeed the contract Christian suggests to Anastasia is excellent for agreeing, consent, mutual respect and of course preventing STIs.

Many women of all ages often want to use condoms but do not know how to bring up the subject at the critical moment, and Mr Grey is, in this respect, a good role model.

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