50 Shades of Grey may not have been the best written book in the world, but it has certainly changed the way people read sexual fantasies (e-readers are perfect as no one can see what you are reading) and has made people more confident to explore different aspects of sex.


With the Movie now in the cinema, various campaigns are using it to promote the Safer Sex message.  The Terrence Higgins Trust gave out free condoms to cinema goers in Gwent, as well as providing free advice and information to those going to see the film.

In the book, Anastasia and Grey do not have other partners during their relationship, and Grey does have a one partner at a time policy.  He also includes STI tests in his healthcare regime, and for his new partners.  Wise actions for anyone who enjoys sex with different people.  It is important to get tested regularly, and to be tested for a full range of STIs.  We get lots of people at Better2Know saying their partner got tested and it came back all clear, so how come they are itchy.  We ask what their partner got tested for, and often people do not know.  We test for twelve different STIs, and it is always your choice of what to test for.  We have a comprehensive range of tests and screens, so that with us, when you get the “all clear” you can be confident that you are.

With our Everywhere service, which we hope Anastasia and Grey would like, we come to you in your home, office, hotel or everywhere we can take a blood sample.  The service is discreet as our nurses are not uniformed and saves you having to make time for an appointment and travel to it.

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