A one-night stand is nothing to be ashamed about. Having casual sex is a normal part of many people’s lives. What’s important is taking the necessary steps after a one-night stand. Here are our top tips to protect your health and wellbeing.

Ask yourself…

How much do I remember?

Many one-night stands occur under the influence of alcohol. Unfortunately, the less you remember, the higher at risk you may be. It can be difficult to know which steps are necessary for you to take, so taking extra precaution is often the best idea.

Did we use a condom?

Condoms help to prevent both sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unwanted pregnancy. It is always a good idea to practice ‘safer sex’ and use a condom. Do remember, however, that a condom is not necessarily 100% effective. Sometimes condoms can split during sex; you may not always realise.

Do I need the morning-after pill?

If you have been reliably taking contraception, you should be covered for unwanted pregnancy (in most cases). If you need emergency contraception, the morning-after pill is available from many pharmacies or GUM clinics. However, if you find yourself taking the morning-after pill regularly, you should consider finding a long-term method of contraception that suits you.

Do I need an STI check?

Having an STI test after a one-night stand is always a good idea. It’s better to be safe than sorry. If you are worried about STIs, don’t wait until next year to be tested. Early diagnosis means early treatment. Many STIs can be tested for just two weeks after an encounter. We can help you find the right STI test for you.

Which types of sex did we have?

Don’t assume that if you only had oral sex, you’re safe from STIs. Both Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea can be caught in the throat. Also, remember that some STIs including Herpes and Syphilis can be passed on solely by body-to-body contact.

How do I feel emotionally?

It’s not uncommon to feel regret after a one-night stand. If you do feel any negative emotions, talk to a close friend about it. You should never feel pressured to have a one-night stand; it is completely your choice. If you do, don’t beat yourself up about it. Just make sure you take the necessary steps to protect your wellbeing afterwards.Is there anything I could have done differently?

Is there anything I could have done differently?

If you didn’t use a condom during your one-night stand, it’s a good idea to make sure that you are prepared for any future encounters. Always carry condoms with you if you think you may need one. Using protection will help to relieve some of your morning-after worries.

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