It may not be the white wedding most people dream of, but Shoalhaven City Council in South East Australia was very happy to display their wedding dress made out of condoms.

Dubbed ‘Connie’, the dress is being hosted to raise awareness of condom usage in response to the recent rise in Chlamydia; Shoalhaven has witnessed a 75% increase in women and 61% in men over the past six months. The City Council hope that the extra publicity ‘Connie’ has brought will promote safer sex and generate discussion on sexual health within the community.

Whilst some, such as Councillor Andrew Guile, reacted badly to the display, calling it “an appalling lack of judgment”, Major Joanna Gash stands by her decision.

“While sections of the community may be offended by these issues, council is not prepared to stick its head in the sand and pretend sexually transmitted infections (STIs) do not exist,’’ she said.

So, a great way to raise awareness or not suitable for public viewing? Have your say in the comments below. And if the dress has inspired you to find out if you have any STIs then Better2Know offer confidential STI testing with fast results – one to five days depending on the test – at all of our clinics across the UK.

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