Sexually Transmitted Diseases, otherwise known as STDs, are a group of diseases that are transmitted through sexual intercourse. Sexual intercourse is defined as anal, vaginal, or oral intercourse. STDs can be bacterial or viral; some can be life threatening, can cause infertility, or severely uncomfortable symptoms, while other STDs may be dormant and show no signs or cause any health related complications until years later.

The medical community reports that sexually transmitted diseases are widespread and affect thousands upon thousands of people throughout the UK and worldwide. Over the last decade the largest increase in incidents of STDs has been in our teenage population.

Educating our society about sexually transmitted diseases, their affects, and prevention measures are the keys to helping our society control the spreading of these conditions. There are many types of STDs that affect one’s health and quality of life in various ways. Some of these diseases do not have a cure and the infected person will be a carrier of the disease for the rest of their lives. A couple of examples of incurable STDs are genital herpes and HIV.

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Prevention is highly emphasised as the only way to control the spreading of sexually transmitted diseases. Practicing safe sex, knowing your partner’s health history, and abstinence are the best ways to avoid transmitting a viral or bacterial STD. Throughout this site you will learn about the different types of STDs, signs and symptoms you should be aware of, and the various treatment options that are available today.

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