A recent article by Jane Usser, Professor of Women’s Health Psychology, Centre for Health Research at the University of Western Sydney challenges an assumption that women of a certain age no longer wanting to have sex.

Of the 602 women surveyed between the ages of 45 and 70, the majority were still sexually active, felt that sex was important and “physical levels of sexual functioning were irrelevant” (Ussher).  Ussher goes on to discuss that women report vaginal dryness (which can lead to painful sex) or a lowered sexual response, but they are still sexually satisfied.  It is this satisfaction which is more important than penetration.  Expanding not reducing sexual activities were behind this including more touching, kissing, hugging and masturbation (as well as lubrication).  Many couples said that their sex life was better than ever in this older age, with fore-play bringing longer lasting pleasure.    The willingness to talk about changes in their bodies, is what helped couples to maintain or increase their level of sexual activity.

Those people who reported a reduction in sex were more likely to be due to the loss of a partner than a decrease in desire.

The number of STIs are growing rapidly in this age group in UK, showing an increase in new partners and forgetting safe sex lessons of the past.  Better2Know can help you to get screened quickly and confidentially if you are worried about an STI.  Please call us on the number above.

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