Here are the answers to last weeks Sexual Health quiz:

1. Q. What is the most common STI in the UK?

A. Chlamydia

2. Q. How long after you have had sex do you have to wait before testing for HIV?

A. Just 10 days (Better2Know Early Detection Screen)

3. Q. How many people in the UK are thought to be HIV positive?

A. 100,000

4. Q. Which STIs can you be vaccinated against?

A. HPV, Hepatitis B – and anyone can be vaccinated

5. Q. Why is Gonorrhoea becoming harder to treat?   

A. Because it is getting resistant to antibiotics

6. Q. What sample do you need to test for Syphilis?

A. Blood or a swab if you have an open sore

7. Q. Which STI is known as “The Clap”?   

A. Gonorrhoea

8. Q. How long does it take to get herpes results when you do not have any symptoms?

A. 2 days with Better2Know Herpes blood test

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