A new Hepatitis C awareness campaign, called The Big Red C, is focusing its efforts on “baby boomer” and “generation X” drug users of the 1970s, 80s and 90s. Its slogan – “Ever injected? Get tested. Hep C – it can be cured” – hopes to encourage the estimated 18,000 Scots unaware that they have Hepatitis C to get tested.

However the dangers of using unsterilized needles are as potent as ever, so whether a one off event years ago or a recent injection, The Big Red C is urging people to get tested. Hepatitis C may present with no symptoms for many years, and even decades, however the infection can cause liver damage if not diagnosed and treated. Such damage can lead to cirrhosis and cancer, and may be fatal.

Chief Executive Grant Sugden, of campaign partner Waverley Care, said: “It is so important that people who think they may have contracted Hepatitis C step forward and get tested. Early diagnosis means that people can get treated sooner which can help to prevent long term health problems.”

Better2Know offers Hepatitis C testing at clinics across the UK, and if you test positive your Better2Know doctor will be there to help you with the next stages of your treatment. However long ago the incident was, it is always better to be tested so you can receive any necessary treatment. You can call our friendly booking team on the phone number above or book online.

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