“HIV, it’s three letters and that’s how everyone likes to think about it. But if we step back for a second and remember that the first word is actually ‘Human’, and we have human rights.”

Jesse, HIV Positive

Infectious Personalities” is a short film which deals with the experiences and emotions of those diagnosed with HIV and Hepatitis, including Jesse. Assisted by funding from Queensland Health, the Australian film was the result of a partnership between Healthy Communities, Queensland Positive People, Hepatitis Queensland, and the Queensland Positive Speakers Bureau.

An evaluation survey on the film has shown incredibly positive feedback, with 96% of respondents agreeing that the film successfully decreases discrimination and stigma by health professionals. But although the main aim of “Infectious Personalities” is to confront Hepatitis and HIV discrimination in healthcare, its message may hit home with many more. Having to deal with stigmatisation at the same time as coping with the emotional and physical consequences of an STI is the reality many STI positive people face from healthcare and the public alike.

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