There can be little doubt that by relieving someone’s anxiety over an STD or STI will have a positive impact on their well being and productivity. It is well understood that individuals who are preoccupied by health concerns underperform their peers who are not so concerned. Outputs improve in the knowledge ones health is sound, and there is much evidence of more comprehensive health screens contributing greatly to the mental well being of the individual. Bette2Know’s Platinum STD Screen will provide the patient with the knowledge they have been tested for a wide variety of possible infections, and this knowledge will give them confidence and set their minds to rest, with the concomitant improvements in productivity.

Others than the patient, there are many other people who are likely to benefit from the comprehensive choice of STD screening offered by Better2Know. Partners, colleagues, dependents and relatives are all likely to enjoy some level of benefit from a happier, more secure and healthy patient. This point may sound trite, but in an evaluation of Value for Money, is a legitimate factor to include in its assessment as pointed out in the article above and also acknowledged by WHO. The value placed on these benefits are again difficult to quantify, but Better2Know believe that its service provides good value for money in this regard.

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