Better2Know will soon be launching its service in Botswana.  We have sponsored a small group of young people from the UK to visit Botswana to see the impact that HIV has had on this country. Here is what Shaun, one of the group, has written about their visit in July 2014.

Better2Know, an exciting company specialising in crucial HIV and STI testing, has recently launched in South Africa with future plans to roll out to Botswana, Africa. In July 2014 eight youngsters, all aged 18-25 will be heading out to Botswana, accompanied by two leaders, to fulfil a youth exchange the Dioceses of Newcastle and Gabarone partake in every so often. Whilst the group are in Africa, they will be assisting nurses and doctors in the newly built hospice which specialises in crucial HIV/AIDS treatment as well as ensuring patients both in both the hospice and at home are receiving the best possible treatment in what, for some, will be their final days.

Fortunately for the group, Better2Know’s main businesses are based in the UK which enabled them to give much-appreciated sponsorship towards this life-changing experience. Through Better2Know’s generosity, the group will not only gain the experiences of the Batswana lifestyle, but they will also have first-hand knowledge of the impact that both HIV/AIDS and STI’s have on people’s lives as well as the realisation of how we need to help Africa and other countries, globally, work together on finding cures and limiting the devastating impact it has on not only patients but their families and friends around them.

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