If you are worried if you have caught an STD or have multiple partners, it is important that you have an STD test. We know it can be daunting for some, but here at Better2Know, we offer private STD and HIV testing clinics all over the UK.

Better2Know have more STD testing clinics in London than any other STD testing provider, with sites at Canary Warf, Oxford Street and Wimbledon to name a few, as well as STD clinics in Liverpool, Manchester, Cardiff and Edinburgh. Please check the locations page for your local STD clinic.

All STD and HIV tests are 100% anonymous and confidential, no medical records are kept and no information is shared with third parties. You can also give us a false name if you would prefer, as long as your contact details are correct so we can give you your results. Please note that if you get tested through your NHS doctor, the results will go onto your medical record.

Getting your STD results back is also easier with Better2Know; our doctors can provide you with your STD results within 2 days and HIV test results can be done instantly, taking the load of your mind. NHS and local GP results can take up to 2 weeks.

Anyone who has multiple partners is advised to have regular STD tests, and people who have been diagnosed with an STD are advised to get a full STD test as there is a bigger risk of having another STD.

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