Britain has high incidences of sexually active teens and harmful teenage drinking says a report published in The Lancet – a Medical Journal on Tuesday.

This research plus a report by UNICET looks at the changing needs of your people and the risk that their lifestyles may put on their long term physical and mental health.

The report looks at changing role of your people, citing the Arab Spring as showing how young people can lead social change, but still being vulnerable to being exploited by adults.  Around 70% of premature deaths in adults were as a result of behaviours (e.g. drug/ alcohol abuse, unemotional sexual activity) started when they were teenagers.

Social media is bringing young people a voice and giving them enormous advantages, but it also placing a burden of expectation on them that they may not be able to meet.  For more information please click here.

Despite increased promotion of free testing for chlamydia, there are many other sexually transmitted diseases that the UK government does not test for, regular (every 3 month) testing for HIV and STIs is recommended for everyone.  STIs do not mind how old you are!

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