The short answer to the question of this post is: probably.  Although not definitively proven to the level that most doctors would like, there is certainly a lot of evidence to suggest that Zika can be passed on sexually.  Particularly from men to women.

Men and women who have a Zika infection will probably have mild flu like symptoms, and tend to feel better after a few days rest.  Afterwards they will how no long lasting medical problems as a results of the infection.  However, all this changes if a woman is pregnant.  Women who have a Zika infection can pass this on to their unborn child where it can cause significant health issues for the baby.   We have all seen pictures on the news of what some children can look like.

Zika is most usually passed on by mosquitos as they bite an infected person, it can be spread to other people they bite.  It appears it can also be spread sexually.  So if either partner has been to a country with a Zika presence and you want to have a baby, we would suggest either waiting for at least six months after you return, or having a Better2Know Zika test.

Our Zika tests are available across the UK, with results in just a few days.  We suggest that both parents get tested.  To book please call the booking team on the number above.

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